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SBS Weapons

For much of their operations, the SBS will make use of many of the same guns as their SAS colleagues and the rest of the UK military. Their primary assault rifle is currently the C8 SFW carbine and their standard sidearm is the Sig P226 pistol.

Due to the specialised nature of some of their missions, over the years the Special Boat Service has made use of some specialised weapons.

HK P11 underwater pistol
MC51 (Suppressed)
L34A1 Sterling SMG
Silent Sten Gun

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RM Green Team
Green Team
Royal Marines Boarding Team
view: RM Green Team
42 Commando Vikings
SFSG Marksman
SFSG soldier armed with HK417 rifle
view: SFSG Marksman
Squadron Reconnaissance Team (SRT)
view: 539 ASRM SRT

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