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30 Commando IX Group

30 Commando Information Exploitation Group (30 Commando IX Group) is unit within 3 Commando Brigade. Its main role is that of reconnaissance, intelligence gathering, communications and logistics. The unit was previously designated as the UK Landing Force Command Support Group (UKLF CSG).

30 Commando IX Group is organized into a Headquarters Troop and several squadrons:

Surveillance and Reconnaissance Squadron (SRS)

The SRS forms the core of 3 Commando Brigade's Reconnaissance Force and comprises:

Brigade Patrol Troop

Elite recce specialists that deploy ahead of a main 3 Commando Brigade operation to gather intel.

more info: Brigade Patrol Troop

Air Defence Troop

Armed with High Velocity Missiles, Air Defence Troop protect the Brigade from low-flying airborne threats.

more info: Air Defence Troop

Police Troop

Police Troop provides close protection for the Brigade Patrol Commander. They also marshall vehicles moving off from a beachhead.

more info: Royal Marines Police Troop

Y Squadron

Y Squadron are 3 Commando Brigade's Electronic Warfare (EW) specialists

more info: Y Squadron

Communications Squadron

This vital element ensures that Brigade Headquarters can communicate effectively. It includes 2 HQ Satcomm Troops.

Logistics Squadron

Motto: Move, Sustain and Protect. Consists of:

  • Motor Transport Troop
  • Catering Troop
  • Stores Troop
  • Equipment Support Troop
30 Commando IX SRS skidoos
Royal Marines with the Surveillance and Reconnaissance Squadron (SRS) drive ski-doos in Norway druing arctic warfare training, 2014.
Image by PO (Phot) Sean Clee | © UK MOD / Crown Copyright 2014
Used under Open Government Licence

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